Money Between Friends

The simplest way to collect money for group gifts and activities.

Sidejar is fast, secure and hassle-free.

People are using it for:

  • Collections for gifts, fees and registration.
  • Funding for team and school projects.
  • Donations to events and campaigns.
  • Anytime you collect cash from a group!

3 simple steps:

Open a new Sidejar

It is easy and free to create Sidejars.
Get started now »

Send it out

Send your Sidejar to potential contributors with optional weekly reminders.

Get $ in your bank

Contributions are transferred to your bank account at your request.


Sidejar security

Sidejar uses SSL on all page requests and the highest level of security certification available when processing credit card transactions and bank account transfers. Learn more »

Take a closer look:

The Sidejar

Each Sidejar has a simple name, description and optional website link to more information.

Include the amount you would like each person to contribute, the deadline for contributing and your address for mailing checks.


Email your Sidejar to all potential contributors. You can have weekly reminders sent to people who have not contributed which they can easily turn off at any time.

People can contribute online by credit card or send you a check in the mail.

They can also leave comments with ideas or feedback.

All without ever having to sign in or create an account!

Track progress – Get paid

As the organizer, you get a dashboard to track contributions and manage your Sidejar.

All credit card contributions minus credit card fees are available for deposit directly into your bank account after 2 days.